Some accounts reported for necessary action are  not valid Hotmail accounts, but instead non-existent account created when the user forged the header to make it look like it was coming from a Hotmail account. Often, individuals forge message headers, suggesting that the message originated with Hotmail. In addition, "spammers" use fake reply-to accounts, "remove me" accounts, and other types of drop boxes either in the headers or in the body of messages, web-pages, web-forms or postings such as newsgroups. Note that e-mail addresses that begin with numbers or that have additional information in the domain name are not valid. Some people add the recipientís e-mail address or account name into the header to try and make it appear more authentic. Examples of invalid accounts:     2abd@hotmail.com     ilovetrash@hot.hotmail.com Also, some spammers try to deceive people by taking the name of the recipientís account and forging it into the header with another domain name to try and make it appear more authentic. All message headers from the Hotmail system include a line that reads [X-originating-IP] to ensure that the message is an authentic message from our system. Example of a message header:     Sat 02 June 2001 13:47:27 PST     X-Originating-IP: [123.4.567.89]     From: "Scarlett O'Hara" scarlett0gwtw@hotmail.com Note: Consult the Help associated with your e-mail program to find out how to see complete header information. Hotmail members cannot post directly to newsgroups but must go through an independent news-posting service or use another e-mail program. We have actively pursued legal action against many individuals who forge addresses from the Hotmail domain. Please help us by forwarding all unsolicited e-mail with the Hotmail domain name in the headers or bodies to:     abuse@hotmail.com I encourage you to go to the following links to learn more about spam and forged message headers, and how to complain about e-mail abuse: The Anti-Spam HOWTO: http://www.cauce.org/ Spam FAQ: http://www.bluemarble.net/~scotty/forgery.html